Quality Policy

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As a Company Erdem Asansör

Our aim in the elevator industry is to be a global leader and our job is to make the best cities in the world.

Our Vision

Our company, which has been acting with the experience and knowledge gained in the sector for many years, continues to maintain its friendly and quality service understanding. In this direction, the vision that our company has determined for itself is based on the following values. To be a leader in the sector in elevator types and related equipment, to set an example for other companies. To become an important brand in the world with the increase in export transactions and to undertake the tasks of representing and promoting our country in this sense. Taking an active role in producer field studies and bringing innovation to the sector, taking necessary actions for this. To meet the needs of customers in all kinds of elevators, to respond to all needs in this sense, to have the competence to meet all elevator types and equipment that have become a necessity in the sector. To perform the service provided as quickly as possible, to prevent any time-wasting victimization, to approach problems by acting swiftly and swiftly.

Our Mission

Our company, which is rapidly advancing towards becoming a world-class brand, attracting attention with its exports and striking sales, is always renewing itself with its mission values and providing self-control. In this context, we can address our mission as follows; To always be friendly and sincere during the works and services provided, to deal with the bilateral relations with the customers within the framework of honesty and mutual trust. To react with environmentalist approaches during all kinds of work and transactions, to act sensitively in this sense, to have environmental awareness, and to take the necessary moves in this context. To ensure that everyone from managers to employees receives the necessary training by organizing in-company training, and to make such training continuous in order to adopt a more functional structure. To respond to customer demands by being agile in sudden developing needs or when needs arise, to provide customer satisfaction with solution suggestions, and to save time for customers. To be able to offer practical solutions both in sales and technical support with effective and productive moves.